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I’ll bet your graph looks something like this - with the top two or three dwarfing the remainder of them.


If you’re a little surprised that’s perfectly normal...

I’ve drawn this graph for dozens of clients with real data - always with the same results.


Take a photo of your drawing and send it to me with some comments about what you think about it. 


It’s a typical 80/20 graph, and if you extend it to include all of your clients, you will see something shocking!!

  • 80% of your turnover comes from just 20% of clients

  • The bottom 50% of clients earn you only 5% revenue

Well done – so your business is in the grips of 80:20 – But don't jump to conclusions about what to do next - yes I know you want to ditch the bottom 50% and get more of the top 20% - But that's EXACTLY wrong


Here are just a few of the opportunities it presents you with:

  • 80% of profits come from just 20% of clients (hint) not the biggest ones.

  • 80% of your profits come from a minority of products you sell.

  • 80% of your time and effort is literally wasted.

  • The majority of sales come from a minority of Sales Staff.

  • Your employees are also wasting their time!

Are you starting to see how your world view of averages (as we were all taught to see the world) might be leading you down the garden path?


Ok So What's Next?

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Is your business in the grips of 80:20? (and what to do about it?)


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