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Did you Know?
There are more than 10 000 businesses in RSA with an Annual Turnover greater than R100 Mill.


We've been selected by Topco to curate a set of extraordinary businesses or people to place these in front of the biggest audiences in RSA. Topco not only interacts with the top 10 000 every year as part of the Top500 awards but also regularly host delegates at numerous awards ceremonies and events throughout the year.

How would your business change if you could highlight your genius to these audiences?

Do you have what it takes? 

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Rare and Valuable skills

We're looking for companies, people products Ideas and processes that add demonstrable value to your clients.

You must be able to clearly define what sets you apart from competition and demonstrate that value through examples and case studies.

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Ability to Deliver

You'll be pitching to a room full of very qualified buyers able and willing to buy your wares. If you closed a whole bunch of them, could you scale to deliver with quality and reliability.

Generally this means your offering is automated, scalable or can be outsourced with absolute confidence.


Do you currently make profits. This may seem like a strange question, but we find people expect to make profits when bringing on new business. Our belief is that the commercial model or the way you make money should be solid before you scale.


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