the 80/20 guy

IT's like coaching

but with real answers

Meet and exceed your business objectives, every time..
Unlike other business coaches and financial consultants, we deliver real action steps to solve real business challenges,

based upon 20 years business experiences and strategy development.

Hi I'm Paul Dalton, Head of strategy at leapfrog Projects.

I help businesses executives and directors, like you, build effective strategies to meet and exceed their business objectives every time... Strategies that are easy to follow, can be understood by the whole organisation and have a decent chance of being implemented. 


Our success across different businesses and industries has resulted extraordinary success for clients.

Reducing stress through clarity, focus and action steps.


Stop wasting time and money on outdated strategies and tactics that don’t deliver, talk to us about implementing a strategy that finds very powerful, existing levers to produce profitable and sustainable results on an ongoing basis.

Every Time


Meet and Exceed Your


Clear strategies, roadmap, actions and measurements


A Set of Clearly Mapped out Goals and Objectives with Milestones.


Detailed graphical displays of progress on custom dashboards.


Fully detailed task descriptions with definitions of done....


Continued systematic measurement and refinement during execution

and the Secret Sauce? engineered positive feedback loops
Some of our clients
Our Success Stories
Glass of Milk

01. B2B Products

Increased Year on Year revenues by 20% in 2 Months

Hitting 33% by end of month 3.

Unlocked massive hidden potential from existing clients and existing products, identified ideal clients and focused process for sales staff to find new.

Is this for you?
  • You're the Owner of an Established Medium Sized Business.

  • Great turnover but frustrated by low Profitability.
  • A range of Valuable Offering swith current and past customers.

  • Wanting to grow for exit.



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+44 7769 839719

Serving UK and South Africa.

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