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Business Growth

Increase REVENUE by 20% in weeks...

and DOUBLE Gross Profits in a year.

Paul Dalton - the 80/20 guy  

Business Consultant and Business Advisor.

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Leapfrog Founder, Paul Dalton - the 80/20 guy...

"I grow businesses, period! - here's why..."

I grow them properly... and systematically, to ensure these are profitable and a pleasure to run. Using a simple strategy of first ensuring the business is actually profitable before scaling it. This may sound obvious but EVERYONE does it the other way around

Think about it, most businesses focus upon marketing and bringing on the next big client, hoping this will change the cash and profit dynamics of the business, but really all that happens is additional expenses rise up to EAT the profits.

Stop this cycle, using lessons from the 80:20 principle - I maximize the hidden profit centres in your existing business to finally unlock the potential you know you have...  with the same people and the same overhead.

Watch Video (2 mins)

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"Thanks Paul! We're enjoying our company again for the first time in a while!
And you have helped a lot :)"

Happy Clients

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Is this for You?

  • Owner of an Established Business.
  • Looking to increase Profitability.
  • A Reasonable track record, with current and past customers.  

  • Willing to do what it takes.

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Is your business in the grips of 80:20? (and what to do about it?)

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