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About Leapfrog

Leapfrog Projects exists to answer one question: How do businesses thrive in good times and bad?


Paul Dalton - the 80/20 guy  

Business Consultant and Business Advisor.

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Leapfrog Founder, Paul Dalton - the 80/20 guy...

"Growing businesses is my passion, and I'm really good at it... here's why"

Over the past 10 years I've been driven by the intense desire to answer just one question, how can (I) build a company that thrives in good times and in bad?


It was 2007 and my business was a toddler after recently leaving my cushy corporate position to strike it out on my own… I had wandered straight down that well-trodden path of selling my skills right back to the corporate I’d just left, but had also managed to get another few blue chip clients along the way.  Then the economy collapsed and so did my business. I was an analyst on new IT projects at the time and when all new projects were moth-balled, all my contracts dried up… I was devastated… Understand, I don’t consider myself a Muppet, so I wondered how did I build such a fickle business?

As I slowly returned to a better frame of mind, I realised a better question was, how can (I) build a company that thrives in good times and in bad?


And it’s that question which has driven me ever since… because I know, at any given time, no matter the state of the economy, some businesses are winning, and some are not. The winners do it despite and in spite of anything going on around them and by finding out exactly how they achieve this and then emulating this, can absolutely set you free.

That's been my mission and wow, have I got a lot of interesting stories to tell.

But for now, and for you, the key is to understand that your existing business, no matter the current state, can and should achieve way more than it does. With existing clients, staff and infrastructure you could extract way more profits NOW.

I work to come up with crystal clear, compelling and (simple) strategies for getting you to the next place, without burning down what you already have… To get you to the next place, a place which should be less work, more exciting and way more lucrative. No more struggling from hand to mouth at the end of every month, you can be confident you’re rolling out something good that can sustain you into the future.


And yes we’ll put in place the usual good measures of financial management, process and people improvements… the stuff you could expect from a regular business consultant, but I'll also give you way more than that and it will be way more exciting than that. Giving you an unwavering confidence that your plan is truly great and will deliver your goals accurately. Action steps that are easy to complete that will get you there, and ways to measure results along the way to make sure you're on track.

Applying what I've learned in my quest to answer that burring question, will allow you to thrive in good times and in bad,

Secure, Confident and calm. Take the 80/20 test.

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"Thanks Paul! We're enjoying our company again for the first time in a while!
And you have helped a lot :)"

Happy Clients

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