"Nothing Succeeds

Like Success"

80:20 Strategies deliver quickly, BIG results

Here's how I've helped some of my clients


B2B Products

Increased Year on Year revenues by 20% in 2 Months

Hitting 33% by end of month 3.

Unlocked massive hidden potential from existing clients and existing products, identified ideal clients and focused process for sales staff to find new.


B2B Services

This 8 Year old business, never posted profits before - We Posted a R10 Mill Profit in year 1...

Established Super focused process for bringing in steady supply of new business through Strategic Alliances.



B2B Services

Facing massive risk with more than 50% of Revenue from a single clients, we grew the revenues from new clients by more than 10% per month.

At the same time, more than trebling Profits in a year, by focusing on the right clients and acquiring new clients through Strategic Alliances.


80:20 Strategies deliver quickly, BIG results

Here's how I've helped some of my clients


Household Brand - Countertops - B2B

Goals: Stop revenues declining due to Chinese import competition.

Results: We isolated the exact mechanism for why the imports were so damaging and developed a strategy to develop top 20% of clients into preferred suppliers with benefits - quickly captured the market back -

So successful we were taken to the competition commission :) 



Specialist Agriculture Corporation - Listed - R7 Bill Turnover.

Goals: Develop new growth strategy for corporation 2017. 

Results: The business had never considered 80:20 before, we showed thenm how a consolidated view of the business and a view to sharing client iifno and cross selling could boost revenues without the need for new clients



I’ve been crafting 8020 practical applications for years now, with extraordinary results.


  • I managed to turn (really) poor sales results around in a week, by finding the one simple thing that the girls were doing wrong. 

  • One salesperson made a 10 000% improvement between 2016 and 2017. 

  • I found the cause for decline in an entire industry in less than a month and

  • I worked out how to double and treble profits in almost all my clients businesses. 


I have been meticulously documenting these for future use in other businesses and industries as well as in our personal lives…

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What you Get:

  • A quick test to see if your business is 80:20 or not.

  • Why big clients tend to be unprofitable and what's better.

  • An 80:20 view of your products and services.

  • Three step approach to building an 80:20 strategy that delivers.

  • Part 1: Sell more to existing clients - step by step 


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