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4 Easy-to-do Resolutions for the Truly Ambitious Entrepreneur in 2019

OMG it's New Year’s Resolution time again…

Time to shake off 2018 and start to make commitments, mostly to ourselves, about how next year we will really pull finger and make it a stunner. But for most we’re slightly jaded by this annual ritual during which we rattle off a couple of resolutions which are no doubt promptly forgotten around the second week of January! Sound familiar?

Having said this. It really is quite important, so let’s see if we can do it better. The date is quite arbitrary really, but usually it's around this time of year where we take a bit of a break and manage to get some thinking done, a time to make some plans for making the year ahead a better one. 2018 was truly horrific for a lot of entrepreneurs and if you've been feeling hard done by in the last year by poor state of the economy, slow paying clients, new clients being slow to commit, don't. Let me tell you there were businesses that killed it in this year and its always so, some businesses do well in good times and in bad, it’s time to copy what they’re doing.

So, in this time of reflection there are 4 resolutions I’d like to recommend. These are designed to stop you chasing your tail and to help you craft profitable plans for the future:

Commit to crafting a properly clever strategy.

  • One that focuses on profit and not turnover.

  • One that is simple and easy to follow, by everyone in the team.

Commit to focusing on your key differentiator, your “Rare and Valuable”

  • Avoid being a commodity, if your website says the same as all your competition, you need some work here.

  • Avoid allowing customers to base their decisions upon price.

Commit to creating “leading measurements” in your business

  • Leading measures measure our activities that pave the way to results, rather than simply the results.

  • We can take action upon leading measures we can simply observe trailing ones.

Commit to being held accountable.

  • Share your commitments and goals with someone who will hold you accountable, a coach, mentor, advisor or your partner, then

  • Create and share deadlines and commitments and make sure you keep them.

Most importantly though, take the time to reflect on your journey. This is key. Establish what worked and what didn’t work in the past and commit to doing more of those things that worked well, they do say that only 20% of your efforts yield 80% of the results.


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