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Before you try to sell your business

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Right now, there is a fundamental disconnect between how you value your business and the value it has on the open market. With a flood of new stock… buyers are scarce, looking for deep discounts and will be very, very conservative. Instead of focusing on a sale, over the next year you should instead focus all efforts on getting your business value back and indeed ahead of the curve.

I buy companies for a living; within our multi-national M&A consortium, my job is to find solid, existing B2B companies for sale. I develop growth strategies for profits, implement systems, processes and people AND I double or even treble company value within as little as a year, resulting in big profits to me and my partners. I have not failed to at least double profits across many deals in over 3 years.

From the outside, the reasons for my success seem pretty simple. Inject money, implement growth strategies and get the right people doing the right things, but others do that too… VC firms, consultants and coaches all doing the same sort of deals, but where they show modest results of 20% – 30%, I consistently double value in a single year and, for the most part, don’t inject any surplus capital and indeed the growth can be found on the profits and not on the turnover.

The differences isn’t luck, and its not simple hard work - but what I do have is a good method. As it turns out strategy is one of those business skills that depends heavily on the method you use and not how hard you try, better method - more money, much better method - much more money.

It’s no different for you, coming out of this crisis, the better you are at building and executing a solid recovery plan, the more successful you will be at extracting the true value from the company that took you years to build.

We know that this crisis will offer multiple opportunities. According to a recent McKinsey report, in all previous downturns, companies that show speed and discipline in creating and executing a recovery plan, emerge with a small initial lead which is massively compounded over time.

You can exit on YOUR terms, achieve true value AND remain in control and I’d like to show you how.

For a very select few, (only 3 or 4 companies) we will assist you through this process… and may even buy the company off you at the end…

Contact me to find out if you qualify - (free 40 min. consultation).

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