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Does 80/20 dictate to you?

I want you to have a "Mindset Shift" when it comes to your business - and it starts with understanding that there are unseen, natural forces at play. Forces that you can harness once you know they are there...

Is 80:20 at work within your business? Probably... and I hope so, because, if it is, the opportunities it presents, for you to do much better, are immense. No more chasing new and bigger clients over and over again!!!`

But first, let’s prove it...

Quick exercise: (2 minutes)

  • On a sheet of paper.

  • List out your top 10 clients - over the past period (say year) – in descending order of income (Turnover) received from each.

  • Now draw out a bar next to each one, representing that income. If it was 10 000, then make a bar roughly 10cm’s long, 1 000 then 1 cm long.

Continue to do all of the top 10.

PS: if you want to do more than 10, this will give you an ever clearer picture.

PPS. If you have the data readily available in an accounting or reporting tool, export it out to a spreadsheet and simply do a sort - from highest to lowest.

Done? - Ok now click on the link below to compare your results to (everyone else's).

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