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What would 20% Additional revenue do for your business?

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Let’s face it, most business can accommodate another 20% in sales right away, without incurring more fixed costs. So gross profit would drop straight to the bottom line and be very good for business indeed.

And a quick 20% is available:

I recently did this for a client in just 3 weeks and it’s completely repeatable – here’s how.

One very powerful insight from the 80:20 principle is that:

"1 in 5 clients is willing and able to pay you 4 times more", right now, for the right value…

This may or may not feel true for your business right now, but I find its almost universal. Either your clients don’t know the full extent of your services and so only buy a little of what you offer or they have grown (maybe even because of your services) and you haven’t revisited them to ask if they need more. Either way, there's money waiting there to be collected.

It’s cheaper than the acquisition of new clients.

At the same time, you are most likely spending lots and lots of money and effort to chase down new ones – I know you are, because everyone is…

So, what’s the deal?

Well, companies with a reasonable track record of present and past clients and a range of products or services, can easily add 20% or more to their turnover in as little as a month or two.

I approach this by using 80:20 analysis to quickly identify a small subset (i.e. not all) of the right clients (profitable ones) to approach, detail exactly how to approach these (i.e. why I’m there to see them and how to introduce my other products) and create a simple, measurable set of action steps.

It’s super focused and because it measures the actions we can see results really quickly – not terribly strategic, but my clients love the increased cash flow and this little gem of an exercise should make the Gross Profit drop straight to the bottom line.

I will get you to the detail...

  • exactly which clients to approach to sell

  • which products or services and

  • exactly what to offer.

And because I know this works so well, for the right deal, I'll do this for commission only - a risk free deal for you.

Let's have a coffee of a Skype to find out if this is for you OR

Signup for a FREE consultation with me to see if you too could benefit this quickly.

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