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My purpose is coaching you to build a business of real value, understanding what determines true business value, I easily identify opportunities and guide you towards real improvement.
Whether for your own benefit, in terms of earnings and work/life balance or in preparation for a sale down the line I can help. 
Start with a free strategy session.

Let's find your perfect solution...
The Right Business Coaching
Changes Everything
A Retired Business Coach?

Hi I'm Paul, actually a semi retired business coach…


Why is that important? Well, because I'm only 50 old… and functionally retired because I own a few businesses that don't rely on me for the day to day operations, but they still pay me a monthly salary. 

I actually put into practice what I was coaching my business clients to do and, hey presto, within just a few years I was retired.


If you were to hire a business coach, wouldn't you want to know just how successful they have been in business? Too many gurus out there claim to be able to help you, yet they struggle to meet the month end demands in their own lives, just how much can they help you?


Anyways, being retired so young is a little boring, to be honest, all my friends are at work during the day, so now I help others get to where I am, looking for great connections and opportunities along the way. I call it, “what's the next step”, because I know what a great business looks like and how to get there, you certainly can't do it all at once.  If you'd like a totally free, no obligations chat with the state of your business and what the appropriate next steps to take are, then setup a meeting with me here.

How am I different?
Guided by the 80/20 principle my business growth strategies really do result in working smarter not harder. 
I develop clear actionable strategies for growth of profits, pinpoint accurate actions steps resulting in systems and repeatable processes that are carefully measured and refined through time.
My success, across different businesses and industries has resulted in profits worth 10's of millions for consulting clients. Often, easily doubling and trebling business value within a single year.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and money on outdated strategies and tactics that don’t deliver profits, talk to me about implementing a strategy that finds very powerful levers to produce profitable and sustainable results on an ongoing basis.

Selling or retiring from your Business?

You take control of your own destiny, set your own price and work diligently ensure your processes systems and people continue to thrive after you retire and can pay you out the value you deserve.


Before retirement, engineer the perfect exit strategy from your business. 

Watch this short video to find out more.

Success Stories
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Glass of Milk

01. B2B Products

Increased Year on Year revenues by 20% in 2 Months

Hitting 33% by end of month 3.

Unlocked massive hidden potential from existing clients and existing products, identified ideal clients and focused process for sales staff to find new.

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Is this for you?
  • You're the owner of an established SME.

  • Great turnover but frustrated by low Profitability.
  • A range of valuable offerings with current and past customers.

  • Eager to grow or eager to grow value for a sale.

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